2012 Kadaugan Street Party to Invite More Tourists


Though it’s not expected to gather as many tourists as that during the Davies Cup but organizers of this year’s “Kadaugan Street Party” of Lapulapu City is campaigning to attract foreigners to the event.

Councilor Harry Radaza, chairman of the Kadaugan Street Party 2012 told newsmen in a press conference today that they’re putting some signages in the front desks of some hotels in the city as part of their promotional campaign to invite tourists to the two-day event.

The Kadaugan Street Party shall be held on April 27 & 28 along M.L. Quezon avenue and shall occupy one lane of the road while retaining the other lane for two-way traffic to-and-from the City’s Poblacion to MEPZ-Airport area.

Councilor Radaza said that during the Davies Cup, tourism in the city increased by 30% while hotel occupancy had reported increases in the number of guests. Though the figures will not be matched by the Kadaugan Street Party but locals are expected to patronize the various entertainment activities lined up during the event.

Day 1: (April 27)

  • Live Band
  • Amateur Boxing Night
  • Gourmet Walk
  • Midnight Beer Run

Day 2: (April 28)

  • Live Band
  • Amateur Boxing Night
  • Gourmet Walk
  • Car Audio Parade/Exhibition
  • Street Dancing Competition/Rampada Queen Fesival
  • Fireworks Display @ midnight

Various FM Radio stations in Cebu shall be putting up their music booths in the area providing entertainment to street party goers.Councilor Radaza revealed that to maintain security in the party venue, bottled drinks are still banned. Drinks shall be served in pitchers and in plastic cups.

The Kadaugan Street Party is a celebration of the victory of the island’s hero–Lapulapu against Spanish colonizer headed by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Here’s last year Kadaugan Street Party:


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