USC-KNN @ the Negosyo Expo

Once again, the USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na is taking part in another trade exhibition to expose its beneficiaries to the consuming public. This time, it’s the USC-COCAAI Negosyo Expo at the 3rd level of the J. Centre Mall in A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City.

The trade expo runs from Feb. 10-17 and the activity will be capped by the grand alumni homecoming of the College of Commerce of the University of San Carlos on Feb. 18 at the newly constructed convention center of the mall. On the same day, the Big Winner of the USC-KNN Season 6 shall be announced.

Two of the booths occupied by USC-KNN beneficiaries. At left--Wilhelmina Lapides of Season 5. At right--KNN Season 6 finalists Teresista Ursal and Brenda Batislaong.

Another angle, showing the 3rd booth of USC-KNN.

(Hover the mouse over the images for details.)





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