REVIEW: Counterfeit Beats HD Headphones Are Worth a Try!

Online and Offline Beats by Dr.Dre high-definition headphones are counterfeited worldwide. Beats Electronics, LLC has come out with a list of online sites where imitation of Beats headphones are sold. Beats also offered the authorized dealers of its products in their page.


Beats has this verification tool in their site to determine whether your Beat product is genuine or a counterfeit.

One indication of a genuine Beats product is the 10-character serial number inscribed on the product and in the box.

My own “Beats SOLO HD” on-ear headphone has not met the verification requirement. It has no inscribed serial number while the digits in the box don’t correspond to the required 10-character serial number. The picture in the left below is the original Black SOLO HD with a red trim around its pad while the counterfeited one in the next image has no red trim and pad is smaller.


The genuine one has a Monster ControlTalk on its cable for iPod playback control and iPhone and any music phone hands-free calling.

The genuine Beats SOLO HD is worth P15,500 while the counterfeit like the one i bought is only sold at P500. But is the latter worth a try with its very cheap price? The answer–why not? 


For now, i can’t tell the difference of the audio experience of the genuine and the counterfeit Beats SOLO HD until i can try the original unit. However, off-hand the counterfeit is worth its price–P500. It has a good deep bass response though the high sounds are not that really good. Mid-range is somewhat clear but not so crispy and vibrant. Nevertheless, i can truly feel a distortion-free bass even at high-volume setting.


Beats SOLO HD is an on-ear headphone that fits just in your ear not over your ear. However, i could feel discomfort and even pain on the outer part of my ear due to the pressure caused by its headband pressing the ear pads.



My Beats SOLO HD is good at noise cancellation and noise isolation that i couldn’t hear background noise. Once fitted on my ear, it perfectly isolates me from ambient sounds.

It’s cable is directly wired to each of the earpiece instead of a 3.5mm jack that can be plug in and out of the headphones.


By the way, Beats SOLO HD is powered headphones but mine is not. It has no ControlTalk for iPhones and iPod.

UPDATE!!! “Broken Counterfeit Beats HD Headphones”


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