Why a WordPress Paid Upgrade?

This blog is more than four years old. It underwent several face lifts using different themes offered free by various WordPress theme developers. But it never has a paid upgrade like premium theme, custom design, space upgrade, video press, and custom domain.


I like the current theme of this blog–iTheme2 by Themify. It’s an Apple-inspired design which best fit for technology blog. For now, it’s the perfect choice for my blog after trying to wear several free themes in the past.


There are premium themes ranging $45-$100 per purchase. I opted not to spend a dime for a premium theme and just settled for an appropriate free themes several times.


Your free theme can still be optimized and you can also design your blog according to what you want by subscribing to a custom design upgrade. With the custom design upgrade, you can customize the fonts and have full control on how your blog should look according to the theme design. Custom design is for subscription at $30 per year.


Any free wordpress.com blog like mine comes with a free 3-gigabyte storage for all uploaded files and images. The space can be increased with the space upgrade on subscription basis. WordPress has recently doubled the space upgrade on same subscription rate as shown in the table below. With the space upgrade you can already upload music aside from files and images directly to WordPress.


Your free wordpress.com blog doesn’t directly host video files. However, you can embed players from other free video sites on your blog. But sometimes external sites like YouTube remove the video without your knowledge and thus inconvenient to your readers. Subscribing to VideoPress @ $59.97 per year solves this problem. Watch the video for more:


With custom domain upgrade you can choose a personalize URL for your blog like juntariman.me domain name instead of juntariman.wordpress.com for free WordPress blogs. The cost is $17 per year for registration and mapping. However, dot-me (.me) extension is worth $24 a year. Aside from what are enumerated in the note below, custom domain upgrade gives your blog a chance to be monetized through WordAds.

WordPress.com has also offered a promo bundle on upgrades @ $99 only that includes Custom Domain, VideoPress, 10GB Space Upgrade, Custom Design, and No Ads.

My choice of upgrades for my blog are the Custom Domain and Space Upgrade which give me the chance to monetize my blog and provide me an option to post direct audio player anywhere in my post.


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