Welcome 2012 (Year of the Dragon)–MyYEAR!!!

I started this post with a positive note on its title– “Welcome 2012 (Year of the Dragon)–MyYear!!!”. It’s because the two previous years of the dragon– 1988 & 2000 were so kind to me. Both were fruitful years for my career in ABS-CBN Corporation.

After leaving RPN/DyKC in early 1988 and after having a short stint with Sun*Star Daily, i was invited to join ABS-CBN Ch. 3 Cebu where i have stayed for about half of my life. My career as a TV journalist flourished during those years and was capped with a promotion as the News Manager for ABS-CBN-Davao.

My Years of the Dragon were not good only to my career, i was also lucky in some possessions like winning big items in raffle draws in 1988 and i had purchased my first car in 2000 through the company’s car plan.

On the other hand, with barely five hours before New Year strikes, i had to reminisce the unfortunate events hounding me in 2011:

My father "Nene" passed away on Feb. 22 due to liver disease. He was confined in the hospital a month earlier and the family was advised by the doctor he couldn't stay longer.

July 23 & 25, i underwent two surgical procedures to remove the gallstones and my contracted gallbladder. It was my first hospital confinement since i was 3 years old. I spent a whopping P240k+ in hospital bills and related expenses. It left me almost bankrupt. Thanks to my family, relatives, friends and ABS-CBN for the support.

I had also two misfortunes during the year that i just kept it to myself. Again, i lost my father and i lost my gallbladder in 2011. And i lost two other important persons in my life during the year.

As i am moving on with optimism in 2012, i wish i could decipher the good signs that the black water dragon are carrying with all through out the year. As i’ve said, my Years of the Dragon have always been favorable to my career and some possessions.

Here are some of the good signs of 2012, as i collated in some sources:

  • year of empowerment
  • rooster, monkey and rat are the luckiest as they are most compatible with the dragon
  • horse, ox and dog are said unlucky animal symbols as they are less compatible with the dragon (it’s an irony for me since i am a fire horse.)

The Year of the Black Water Dragon officially starts on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013 . There are popular beliefs about the year 2012 ranging from spiritually transformative to the apocalyptic. The latter is referring to the so-called “end of the world” on December 21, 2012 based on the Mayan Calendar.

I have a good post about 2012 that i wrote in 2009.

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