How the Tech-World Celebrates Christmas!!!

I have collected herein the various ways Christmas has been celebrated all over the tech-world. Firstly, even the Pope has celebrated the Christmas Eve that was seen live on TV worldwide.

SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications Limited) celebrates Christmas with world record-breaking mass gift exchange. About 4,385 participants mostly coming from its prepaid customers in the Philippines, Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore brought their wrapped gifts for exchange at the event hoping to make a new world record for gift exchanges.

iPhone users are treated with these "8 Wonderful iPhone Apps To Put You In The Christmas Spirit"

Blockbuster film Arthur Christmas calculates how Santa could exactly delivers all those gifts by Christmas morning.

For more than 50 years, NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — has used its high-tech missile-tracking systems to track Santa's progress during his annual Christmas Eve flight around the world.


The best Christmas gift ideas maybe these tech-gadgets for boys and men as shown in a slideshow.


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