(Repost from my Facebook Note on October 14, 2011)

Many times we heard these “bad words” indiscriminately used by many as an expression of disgust, anger, and hate.

ATAYA, is not referring to our vital organ liver but its origin can be traced to “atay“–the bacterial disease(plague) that strikes to poultry.

Example: Giatay man ning computer, dili na man molihok. (meaning nasakit ang computer)

KAYATA/KAYASA, originated from “kayat“–the other Cebuano word for sex. However, i couldn’t understand why it has been abused as  an expression. Maybe this is our own version of the Americans’ FUCK.

Example: Kayata nimo bay uy, palpak man ka. (Fuck you!)

PESTE, it’s all about pests

Example: Peste gyod ning ilagaa, gikitkit na sab akong sinina. (rodent is a pest…)

YAWA, simply its evil. It’s addressed to someone.

Example: Yawa Ka! (You, evil one!)

LITSI, it’s not about milk. Maybe it refers to the leech–a worm that sucks human blood when it is stuck to a man’s skin. So, Litsi is a sucker. It’s just benefiting without giving in return.

Example: Litsi! Maayo lang mokaon apan dili kahibalo mohipos sa kinan-an. (After someone is benefiting…)

Kamo na lang sumpay sa ubang pamalikas tungod kay DILI GYOD KO MAMALIKAS!!!


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