Teach Me How to Prezi

Prezify your presentation! It’s all about zooming, panning, and tilting your slides around a single zoomable canvass. Prezi is not just an alternative presentation but it’s the ultimate content presentation that makes your show dynamic.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that goes beyond the linear sequences of slides in powerpoint presentation. It has also a desktop application for offline creation of prezis. I’d done one offline prezi and two online prezis for my mass communication class lectures. Click here to view myPrezi.

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2 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Prezi

  1. No less than the founder of Prezi, Peter Halacsy, offered me an additional 1GB extra space in Prezi online. As a Prezi public account holder, i am only entitled to 100MB which is quite small for me. I have been using Prezi in the presentation of my class lessons in mass communication at the USJR. And that 1Gb extra storage can do a lot. Thanks Prezi and Mr. Halacsy.

    Prezi rates
    Mr. Halacsy's email


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