Facebook Updates: Post Translation and Timeline is Now Public

In Facebook Pages, posts like Status Messages in languages other than English can be translated using an inline translation powered by Bing. Click the translate link under the post, as shown in the image below, and a Bing translation will appear in a pop out window.

However, there is no translation yet for Cebuano and other languages in the Philippines. The service is currently available in five countries: Korea, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and Hongkong.

More about Facebook Translation @ iStoryang HaaayTek!

Earlier, i had also posted the availability of Facebook Timeline to the public. 

Just got a notice in my home page from Facebook inviting me to update to TIMELINE despite my profile has been changed already to Timeline. Though, i can’t find any article about the Timeline now being offered to the public. The Timeline public roll out had been delayed for more than a month now since its launch. However, some including me was able to update to Timeline using the developer application ahead of the public roll out.

More about Facebook Timeline @ iStoryang HaaayTek!





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