D-I-Y: Repairing an Intermittent Retractable Mouse

After two years, my retractable mouse has its first maintenance/repair work today. The small cable connecting the mouse and the USB plug have been intermittent since yesterday. I’ve discovered that the cable had an open connection somewhere at the tip near the mouse.

What i did is to cut the portion of the retractable cord that is open and strip again the cord for a new connection.

The small duplex cord of the mouse has four small wires...

The retractable cord has enough length with most part of it is wound in the scroll wheel shown above.

The four small wires in the retractable cord are insulated. It has to be soldered to achieve full contact.

And my retractable mouse is back to service again and i was able to save P150-200 for a new mouse. The featured image of this post is the latest picture of my retractable mouse after the repair. By the way, my mouse is a CDR-King brand. See my original post.


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