REVIEW: E-Reading Sunstar Daily(Cebu) Digital Edition

Got an email early today informing me of the day’s Sunstar Daily(Cebu) Digital edition. This is the first email i’ve received from Sunstar since i registered for free access of the paper’s digital editions several days ago. So, i navigate the digital edition of the paper and decided to blog it as a review.

An email from Sunstar Digital Editions informing that today's issue is already available

I chose the Sun.Star Daily digital edition for my review. There are five ways to navigate the pages of the paper: 1- Going directly to the table of contents; 2- Clicking the thumbnail at the right side bar; 3- Clicking the navigation arrow below; 4- Hover the mouse and click the the upper right & upper left tip of the page; 5- Click the page number at the upper left and upper right of each page.

Hovering and clicking the mouse at the upper right and upper tip of the page will turn the page like the usual e-reader.

You can also view all of the thumbnails to go directly to a page.

Hover the mouse over the title or headline of each news story and a shout-out of the lead paragraph will pop out in the screen.

Click the BLOG button below and you can export any page to your blog.You'll be asked to login to your blog to export the page and in few seconds it will appear as a new post on your blog.

In an instant the blogged page will appear on your blog.

Hovering the SAVE button, you can either download or export the digital issue to an eReader like Kindle and Nook but no iPad yet in the selection. However, Sun.Star says it's also available on iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

You can also view the recent issues using the Calendar but limited to one-week old issues only.

Hovering the headline or title of the story opens Share, Print, Listen buttons. Clicking the Share button opens a pull-down menu with choices of various networking sites and other popular sites where you can export the story.

Clicking the Listen button opens a media player that reads the content of the story. Listen to the screen reader below:

Clicking the Interactive Radio button on the left side bar opens a media player but nothing plays on it. I think this is an upcoming feature of the digital paper that would be linked to an internet radio streaming.

You can read Sun.Star digital edition while offline but you need to install PressReader software.

You can adjust the page to One-page view, Two-page view, and adjust the width.

Zoom in to the finest details

...and zoom in to the pictures in a high definition quality.

Of course, the digital editions are for a fee. Mine is a trial access. Subscription is worth as much as the printed copy at about P9 per day. The only thing not-so-good with the digital edition is that sharing with other people in your office or home is not always possible. And of course, no more newsprint to use as “putos sa buwad”. 🙂


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