PLDT Gives Me a Rebate

During the last days of my hospital confinement in July, odd things were add up to what was already a complicated situation of mine. Aside from not able to see what happened at home, my land line was also out-of-service which at that time was very important for me in effectively communicating with my kids.

From my hospital bed, i called up the PLDT’s hotline to report the matter. But it was not until Sunday–one day after discharged from Chong Hua Hospital that my line was restored. And it was not operational until i asked a friend from PLDT to facilitate my request for repair.

Though, understandably the help desk support ticketing system that PLDT is using to systematize customer support but it’s still quite a delayed service. I called up PLDT hotline on Thursday from my hospital bed. Did a follow-up call on Saturday upon discharged from the hospital and called up again PLDT the next day.

Since, it was Sunday there was a little chance that my line could be restored on same day considering only a skeletal force of PLDT was working. I called up a friend in PLDT whom i requested to facilitate my request for repair. In about 15 minutes a PLDT lineman arrived at my door step. In the next 15 minutes my line was restored.

A week after, i called up PLDT’s hotline and requested for refund of the days my line was not served. I was promised for a rebate which will be reflected in my succeeding bill. So, my September bill has reflected the refund/rebate of about P33. Instead of paying P1,240 a month, i am billed P1,207 payable not later than first week of October.


5 thoughts on “PLDT Gives Me a Rebate

  1. REBATE!! REBATE!!REBATE!!…My DSL experience: because of a week delay of payment ( my due was Oct. 2 ) my internet connection was restricted Oct 9 :(( (my land line was still available though). because of funds unavailability, I was only able to pay my bills Oct 28. my internet access was restored @noon Oct 29th. I then called costumer service and asked if I will be able to get a rebate. Their answer was a big NO. their reason, my connection was only “restricted” not “disconnected” and that I was still able to use my land line. is this FAIR? they required me to pay for a service that I was not able to use for 20 days and no REBATE? IS THIS FAIR NTC?


  2. You should file a complaint because they have no way of verifying that indeed you experienced a service interruption until they heard from you. Unless, there is a major interruption like what happen to Globe few months ago when they gave rebates to their customers.


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