QuestScan Hijacked My Google Search

For two weeks, my Google search have been led to the site but not until today. QuestScan is a search engine but is considered by many security site as a browser hijacker. It will redirect your Google search and other browser searches to its site if you use the navigation bar-based searches.

I’d tried scanning my system using McAfee Anti-Virus Enterprise but it was not detected. However, after receiving an update from McAfee last night a trojan– generic.dx!banb was detected by the on-access scan of McAfee. QuestScan is known to have associated with some trojans and malwares. McAfee cleaned the infected file and deleted the trojan. But the trojan is kept on coming back as i’ve observed on the on-access scanner of McAfee. So, it prompted me to launch a demand scan hoping it will be totally removed.

QuestScan comes with a program installed in your system. I’d tried deleting the folder on my system drive but it failed. However, it comes with the standard uninstallation procedure which you can perform from the Control Panel>Add/Remove Program.

Even if you succeeded in removing the QuestScan program, it still leave some infected items in your system. Not contented with McAfee, i launched for the first time after several months of not using it my copy of the reliable virus removal tool–COMBOFix and cleaned my system.

I’d recheck C:<Program Files and looked again for the QuestScan folder. A folder still remain but with few remaining components of the hijacker. So, i completely deleted the folder using another reliable tool–Unlocker.

While trying to finish this post, i have launched a newly-downloaded Kaspersky Anti-Virus Removal Tool to complete the cleansing ritual of my system.


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