First Time!–Ms. Universe Online Voting Affects Semis

It’s not the first time Ms. Universe organizer made an online survey for the candidates’ popularity. However, last year’s online survey did not affect the judges’ decision.

This year’s online survey will assure a candidate of a semi-final slot.The candidate with the highest votes shall gain a spot in the semis. So, your votes count most for Ms. Philippines–Shamcey Supsup. Maria Venus Raj got one of the most number of votes among the candidates last year proving the Philippines as one of the countries with highest online presence.

Online voting is done via and Go directly to the online voting page and look for Ms. Philippines.


You need your email address to vote during the registration process which will not take you more than a minute. Voting started 4am today(August 20) until 6am on September 12(Manila Time), the Ms. Universe pageant day at Sau Paulo, Brazil.

You must be at least 16 years old and a resident of any of the country/territory resided by the Miss Universe candidates.You can vote as much as 10 times for Ms. Philippines or for any candidate per day using same email address. I casted my votes 10 times for Shamcey today using my yahoomail. I also have gmail, so i can vote 20 times a day.


Let your votes be counted for Ms. Philippines!



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