Google+ Facebook (Adding Facebook News Feed on G+)

Believe it or not you can now view your Facebook News Feed directly on Google+ with a tab for Facebook on the latter. This is made possible by a new application developed by Crossrider.

Step 1– Just click that orange button to start the set-up in less than 1-minute.                      Start here.

Step 2– You have to connect to Facebook to start the interconnection process.

Step 3–  Like in any application for Facebook, the application will ask for permission to access your account.

Step 4– You’re done. See that “F” tab on the left most just beside the home tab of Google+.

Step 5– However, you can’t directly post on the FB tab on Google+. The space for the FB status is just a link to open another window where you can post your status message.


Also take note that you’ll have to view the posts by your friends right on Facebook. Neither you can like nor comment the posts by your friends.

In short, the application is only for viewing the news feed of Facebook while you’re on Google+. Well, it’s just make your life a little bit easier.


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