How to Use Facebook (Skype) Video Calling

Few hours after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces today the availability of video chat using Skype, the service becomes available to its 750 million users.

Only few steps are required in setting up the Facebook video calling plug-in and you’re done and ready to have a face-to-face video calling with your friends.

1- Click here to go to the video calling page and click GET STARTED.

2- If you’re currently opening a chat window, you can see this set-up window.

If you’re not opening a chat window, you’ll be asked to select a friend to video call.

3- The plug-in file is downloaded, opened and click RUN to install into your system

4- You can click the call button at the top of your friend’s profile or chat window. Your friend will be asked to set-up first or accept your call if he/she has already installed the video calling plug-in.

Facebook’s collaboration with Skype is in response to Google+ hangout. Zuckerberg says having 10 people in one place for video chat like in hangout is not new. He said for common use, one-on-one video chat is more likely to be used. He counted on the huge number of users in Facebook as their edge over Google+.

Aside from the video calling, a new group chat and a new design are added to Facebook. One of the new features is the ability to report a chat as spam as shown in the screenshot below. This will eliminate the spam chats we’ve been receiving nowadays. Click “X” or press “esc” to close the window.

Enjoy the new features.


2 thoughts on “How to Use Facebook (Skype) Video Calling

    • Daniel, it’s been available since the first day (July 8, 2011) when Mark Zuckerberg announced it to the public. Please follow the article above for the installation of the Facebook video calling plug-in.


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