Personal Management via Online Resources Without Cost

Managing your activities without hassle and without a single dime from your pocket is possible if you know how to maximize the online resources that are just in your finger tips.


Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail… are just some of the free electronic mail services that are readily available for our use in the internet. Despite the highly-acclaimed fast browsing of Google’s Gmail, i still prefer Yahoomail for ease and tidiness.I am only using Gmail as a secondary or back-up email account.

In Yahoomail, you can directly view the body of the mail down below in the reading pane while selecting a mail. You can now send as much as 100mb in YahooMail  by using a partner application like “attach large files“.  The regular email attachment has been increased to 25mb from the mere 10mb years ago. You can also use the Yahoo Instant Messaging inside Yahoomail. Updates from Facebook and Yahoo are already incorporated in Yahoomail. So, you don’t have to go to Facebook all the time.


YM, GoogleTalk, Windows Live… are awesome tool for us to chat with contacts. The services are all free. Yahoo and Google automatically register you to their instant messaging service after creating an account for any of their services. I am still using YM for design and simplicity. The latest version of YM  has an enhanced video features.


Chat in Facebook is now famous and even replaces instant messaging. But i still prefer YM for chat because you can’t browse any other page if you’re using FB chat box at a time.

FREE SMS (Chikka, yahooIM,

No load? But you’re online. You can still send text/sms message using any platforms.

You can use which alloted about 25 sms free daily for a network. But, you’ll be prompted that your contact should reply you via chikka after sending 5 sms. However, there’s a round around there by just deleting your contact from the list and register it again. Then, you can resume sending another 5 sms to your contacts.

Another way, is to use the free services of where you can send sms to Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular. This is a web-based SMS service but your message will course through a regular SIM before it is sent to your contact. You contact will receive the message not from your SIM account but from the SIM card of I wonder if can also read or has a copy of the messages sent through their service.

You may also send SMS via YM if your contact is offline and is on mobile mode. More on FREE SMS from this post.


Google’s calendar can be your virtual appointment secretary. It will remind you via pop-up on your desk top or via SMS on your phone or both.


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