Friendster Launches Gaming Platform

Friendster today launches its new gaming platform and bade goodbye to its original social networking form. Users were given until yesterday to export their photos and other data to other sites as these are omitted today to pave way to the new site.

I almost forgot this day until i noticed that the pictures in my Friendster email could no longer be seen. So, i visited the site and i am greeted with Friendster’s welcome page (left). If you click the link about the old Friendster, you will be brought to the page on the right.

I proceeded to login using my old account and i was asked to confirm my details. Then, i chose my avatar for my account. I chose the default avatar instead of uploading my own image.

You may invite your old friends in Friendster or opt not.

Friendster also announces the operation of its iCafe internet and gaming center in Malaysia.Also, it distributes for free its iCafe Management System which can be used in cybercafes for managing the computers, customers, accounts, and billing needs.

Friendster has also offered free high-speed wireless internet connection (wifi) in all outlets of Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Wendy’s, and Krispy Creme in Malaysia. This is made possible by getting advertisements at the landing page of the service.

Although, my first use after i login to the site is not successful because it has experience server error when i tried one of its games.

Better luck next time… juntar. It did indeed because my next try is successful and i’m playing the game–Dragon’s Call now.

Friendster has bowed out to Facebook in the social networking race but may capitalize the popularity of online games in Asia.

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