God Creates the World, the Rest Are Made by China

A Facebook Group calling for a boycott of all China products

It’s not new that China faces calls for boycott of its products in some parts of the world. Lately, in the Philippines a call for boycott of China products is made “to send a strong signal” to Beijing that Filipinos are not happy of the Chinese bullying over a disputed West Philippine sea.

Albay Governor Joey Salceda says we don’t owe much from China. He said we imported $7 billion from China while exporting only $6 billion to the Chinese in 2010. However, imports could actually rise to $10 billion because of so many smuggled items from China reaching our market.

Can we afford to boycott China products?

Even the European authorities know that China products are all over Europe and some parts of the world. From toys to appliances–these are all made in China. I’ve got some couple of appliances and devices at home that are Made in China:

My ASUS laptop is Made in China and was bought in July 2007.

My external RED FOX webcam is Made in China. It only shoots your face. lol

My CD-R KING Retractable Mouse is my longest running mouse ever.

But My X1000 Dual-SIM Touch-and-Type China phone didn't reach its anniversary.

My VOIP Phone from SG is Yealink of China

Even this Casio calculator is Made in China

This PROTONE CD-Cassette Tape Player from China hasn't been doing good.

My very much like phone--SONY ERICSSON R300 is Made in China

My other current phone--myphone T23 Duo is obviously from China.

This Chillian Hot-Cold Water Dispenser is Made in China and still running for more than 5 years.

This PC Remote Control is an innovation from China.

This LOGITECH Mutli-media speaker is Made in China

XENON 22-inch LCD TV-PC Monitor is from China

XENON DVD player

MYER Rice Cooker is the oldest China-made appliance in my house.

A couple of popular brands have either put-up a factory in China or has contracted some Chinese companies to manufacture parts for its products.

Apple has contracted Foxconn International Holdings for its iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

Nokia has a company in Beijing–Beijing Nokia Mobile Telecommunications Ltd.

Lenovo is a consortium between IBM of America and a Chinese Company.

…and many more.


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