Sending FREE SMS Via Internet Apps

No cell phone load? But you have a ready internet connection anytime? Then, sending almost virtual unlimited SMS (text messages) to your contacts is possible.

There are several free applications that offers free SMS service ranging from desktop application to web-based services. I’ve tried some of it and i’m sharing it with you here.

Google has incorporated on its free email service a free SMS service right inside Gmail. Unlike Yahoo Messenger, your contacts don’t need to be logged on to mobile setting nor required to be a user of Gmail. You just input the mobile number at the box just above the Chat box on the left pane inside Gmail as shown below.

A SMS box will open at the lower right of Gmail where you should write your message up to the standard 140 characters including spaces.

Every Gmail user has 50 free SMS. Every time you receive a reply or new message from your contact, five new free SMS shall be added to your quota with a cap of up to 50 SMS. Click here for more info about how to replinish your free SMS.

However, only Smart and Sun networks in the Philippines are supported in the service by Gmail. I’ve tried the service and the message is delivered within a minute from sending.


Another web-based free SMS service is Libreng Teks which operates and based here in the Philippines. The interface of the service is simple. The user will just to fill in the fields including the security code. The actual message length is only limited to 133 characters since the sender’s name will appear in the text box. The service is open to Smart, Talk & Text, Globe, Touch Mobile, and Sun.

However, unlike the Gmail SMS, the recipient of the message should not directly reply to the message since it will be received by the SIM card of Libreng Teks. The recipient may reply to the sender’s own mobile number instead. There is no limit on the number of SMS to be sent by any user.


YM’s free SMS has been there for a quite long period of time already and probably it has not been maximized because of the cost when the recipient of the message from YM replies to it. While it’s free to send SMS message to your contacts who is on “i’m mobile” mode, replying to the message may cost the recipient P2.50/message instead of the usual P1.00 per SMS.


Chikka pioneered in the Philippines by a group of young entrepreneurs who designed the application for small e-commerce business in 1999. It was the start of the instant messenger sending messages to mobile phones.

Like the Yahoo Messenger, a reply to Chikka’s SMS on the phone will cost the recipient about P2.50/SMS. Each day, some 45 mobile carriers in 14 countries are alloted with free SMS, as low as 10 up to as high as 30.

A recipient must reply to at least once to Chikka’s message in order for the user to continue sending SMS to the same contact after five messages sent. However, there’s a round around for it by deleting the contact from the list after sending five messages and add anew the number to the list for a fresh 5 messages allotment.


16 thoughts on “Sending FREE SMS Via Internet Apps

  1. Juntar or all:
    I don’t have a Pinas mobile. My friends do. I can send SMS for free using my gmail, yahoo instant messenger or chikka. But they don’t want to reply back because of the higher cost. Is there a way for my friends to text me at a cheaper rate?


      • Jun, Yes, it works if they are on the Internet too. But it seems my Pinoy contacts have a cellphone more than they have an internet connection.

        A Pinoy friend won’t reply to my Chikka/Gmail/Yahoo texts because it costs more than if she sent a text to a regular mobile.


          • So you mean my Pinoy contacts will pay whatever rate they are charged when texting a regular mobile? How can I determine what the exact rate is?

            I mean, for some mobile customers, sending texts in the same network (for example, Sun to Sun) is cheaper than from one network to another. Other people may have a promo where all texts within the next 24 hours are free.

            What do you mean “Just the same rate.”?


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