KNN Season 5 Big Winner–Jerry Gloria

The USC-Kapamilya Negosyo Na! has just awarded the Big Winner title for its Season 5 to a housewife from Mabolo, Cebu City.

Mrs. Jerry Gloria outshines nine other finalists for the most coveted title for the season as it wraps up Saturday, January 22, 2011 during the COCAAI’s Annual Homecoming.

Mrs. Gloria operates the “Mabolo Bam-i House” as her entry to the KNN Season 5 when the season started June 2010.

She got favorable ratings in the monthly ratings by the KNN Committee which led her to grab the Big Winner title.

As a prize, KNN awarded her additional seed capital of P10,000 which she can use for business expansion.

Earlier Big Winners include Edgardo Esteves (KNN Season 1), Lucil Barbieros (KNN Season2), Glicerio Labura Jr. (KNN Season 3), and Roque Brillo (KNN Season 4).

KNN Project Chairperson Carmen Piramide is looking forward for a fruitful Season 6 while COCAAI’s President Sabino Dapat expressed optimism on the organization of the KNN Foundation. COCAAI is also in the final process of forming the KNN Credit Coooperative.

With the early finish of KNN Season 5, it is expected that Season 6 will start earlier than usual or not later than June 2011.


3 thoughts on “KNN Season 5 Big Winner–Jerry Gloria

  1. So inspiring for women like her who got an award from this organization.
    I am so interested to join this organization of yours. How to join? Please do give me a response because I am a hands on mom and I want to be productive so that I can be of good help to other people.

    Thank you so much


    • Mam, you have to attend the Business Plan-Making Seminar slated at the beginning of the regular season. For Season 6, it was held Saturday/March 26. After attending the seminar, you’ll be asked to submit your business proposal by following the Business plan format that you’ve learned in the seminar. If the KNN committee will choose your business proposal, then you shall be included in the 10 contestants to compete during the whole season.
      Another way of getting a seed capital and be part of KNN is to join the Business Plan-Making seminar anytime during the regular season. However, the recipients shall be no longer included in the competition for the season. They will just be given a seed capital.

      Please check some of the pages of KNN on this blog…



  2. Sir Jun, thank you for the write up. I shared this with my friends. Thank you for you helped me a lot in the marketing aspect of my business. I always monitor DYAB’s KNN program 3-4 pm every Saturday and I’m very happy whever I hear Mabolo Bam-I House mentioned on air. Thank you Sir Jun and thank you to DYAB.


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