My 2010 Ended in a Climax

2010 has been a see-saw thing for a fire horse like me. It’s been on an almost daily basis that things are turning upside-down. The natural friendship between the tiger and the horse acted as the balancing wheel for the fire horse to enjoy this year.

2010 has been an exciting and lively year for the horse. I lost a job one day, a great job offered the next day. I may not have had  a good love life but things have changed lately. Thus, business of the heart may continue to grow in 2011 as it capped with climax this year.

2011 horoscope2011 as the year of the metal and white rabbit is predicted as a promising year because the “white metal rabbit creates the visibility of an energetic and carefree period.

2011 horoscope taurus For a Taurean, 2011 “will be a new life stage” as opportunities will open up this year. Hoping 🙂

The Year of the Rabbit will start on February 3, according to the Chinese calendar. The Tiger has still a month to finish its business. I may end the Year of the White Metal Tiger, with a boom: travel, new gadget, job offer, etc. Pray for me.

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