I Haven’t Gone to Korea!

I haven’t gone to Korea! Yes, indeed.

The Koreans have invaded the Philippines. Anywhere you go, especially here in Cebu, groups of South Korean students are languishing everywhere–from malls to resorts. They are everywhere. Most of the Koreans are here to study English.

Back in 2007, i met Dr. Choi Hoon Young for a video documentary about the Koreans in Central Visayas that i produced. The video was presented to Korean authorities during the PNP regional officials’ visit to Korea on the same year.

Dr. Choi conducted Korean language classes at a local state university and to some police investigators in the region. The police investigators needed the language skills to effectively communicate with Koreans during case investigations.

More than this fascinating interest of the Koreans in the Philippines, is the mutual interest we Filipinos have shown to the Koreans. We love to see Korean soap operas.

We showed admiration to young star Sandara Park who won the hearts of her Filipino fans while having a short stint in Philippine showbiz.

Filipinos work in South Korea.

We are using Korean products–from household appliances to gadgets. My first Korean brand appliance is a Samsung microwave oven which was worth P12,000 back then in 1988.

My first personal phone that i bought was a Samsung R220. I like the automatic-answer feature of the phone. It’s a monochrome graphic phone with blue-backlighting.

My first semi-flat screen TV is a 21-inch LG Zenia which i bought in Davao City sometime 2003. In 2004, i bought a Samsung semi-auto defrost Refrigerator.

South Korea is having the fastest internet connection in the world at 10Mbps-100Mbps. It will zoom to 1-Gbps by 2012.

What else do we want from Korea? Maybe, a trip to the South Korean peninsula would be a good thing in the future.


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