telpad, Reinvented Landline Phone

When PLDT announced middle of this month its latest product–PLDT telpad, it came with a little surprise. The new landline package has been tucked with a tablet. It’s totally a reinvention of the diminishing land line phones.

Who cares these days to subscribe a landline when everyone is calling through a mobile phone? But take a look for a second. The PLDT’s telpad isn’t just a home phone. It has Android-powered touchscreen tablet capable of answering calls and a full function of a computer tablet.

You can expand the memory of the tablet via SD card and USB port. It has the capability of extending your viewing to your wide LCD screen via its HDMI port.

The price start at P1,849 for a 1Mbps speed. Existing subscribers may upgrade its subscription to telpad. The telecommunication technology has gone very far.

Alexander Graham Bell, testing the prototype of the telephone

History tells us that the telephone was pioneered by several inventors to include Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and others. Although, it can’t be undisputed that it was Bell who got the patent for the telephone in March 1876.

Various units and designs for the telephone have been out since its invention. Here’s a collection from sparkmuseum:

Henry Dreyfuss designed the 500 series telephone unit for the Bell Telephone company. He made several prototype of his handsets in wood.

I had experienced using the rotary-dial phone like the 500 series of Dreyfuss in the past. Prior to it, back in Ozamiz City in the 70s the telephone has no dial. We just picked up the phone and it connects directly to the operator who shall take our call and manually switched our line to the number we wanted to call.

I saw this old phone unit used in the US Navy at the residence of former Councilor Noel Soon in Mandaue City.

Some of the modern phones include the digital desktop phone, wireless phone, pabx phones, mobile phones, satellite phones, and the voice-over-internet-phone.

No wonder the telephone is an invention of all time.

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