My Phone is MyPhone!

I’m not calling it a habit but a once-a-year opportunity to buy new things during December which is driven by extra ordinary flow of cash. Thanks to the 13th month pay, cash gift,  bonus, etc.

In December 2009, i bought my first China Phone, the X1000. But unfortunately it did not reach its anniversary. See my previous post.

Now, i’m buying my first Filipino mobile brand, the MyPhone Q19i Duo. It’s a QWERTY Dual SIM phone. Both SIM cards are active–meaning you can use both SIM cards at the same time. It’s good enough to bring along with two mobile numbers on one phone these days.

Here’s the official specifications from MyPhone site:

MyPhone is unique and peculiar to us Filipinos because of its “Pinoy Contents” which is customized according to our culture and practices. “Pinoy Contents” includes prayers, history, trivia, and others. The “Pinoy Contents” can be downloaded from the MyPhone site. Copy the contents to your microSD card in a folder to be named “Pinoy” in order to use “Pinoy Contents”. You may also purchased directly from MyPhone dealers a 2GB or 4GB microSD card with Pinoy Contents at a price ranging P500+ to P800+.

MyPhone Q19i is priced at P1,880.00. Its low price make it more attractive for the masses. Hence, it has been a top selling phone these days at the CyberZone.


23 thoughts on “My Phone is MyPhone!

    • Hi Shaira, can you please clarify your questions about: “…mismo sa pupuntahan mo?”. Anyway, the Pinoy content should be in the root directory of your memory card. Create a “Pinoy” folder in your memory card to contain the pinoy contents. This way myPhone can recognized the contents.


  1. wap works but not the internet one. limited lng kasi ang wap diba?
    paano mo ba sya ginagamit?
    tsaka i’ve already created a folder named pinoy, ganito ang arrangement ko.
    pinoy folder >
    A. contains all the extracted contents of the downloaded file “pinoy”
    B. contains all the extracted contents of the downloaded file “prayer”
    C. contains all the extracted contents of the downloaded file of mp3s.
    is this right? 😦
    tnx sa help


    • Q19i is only capable of WAP for internet connection… kc it’s not a 3G phone. For pinoy content, the arrangement won’t matter. Just follow the instruction at the myphone site para segurado.


    • Hi Miriam,

      If you still have a copy of the MyPhone Q19iDuo Quick Start Guide, the following can be found at FAQs section:

      5.) How to set WAP/GPRS (for internet connection) – go to MAIN MENU – go to SERVICES – go to INTERNET SERVICE -select SIM1 or SIM2 -go to SETTINGS -go to PROFILES -activate desired WAP account

      For Pinoy content, create a folder name PINOY on the root directory of your memory card. Copy all the downloaded contents to the Pinoy folder you’ve just created. For more info, you can visit the official website of myPhone–

      I hope i help. Thanks…


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