Facebook Chat on YM Messenger

The Yahoo Messenger version is now available for beta testing. Download here. But it’s is not your ordinary YM Messenger nor it is just an improved version. It is Facebook-friendly instant messenger. You can chat your Facebook friends directly on YM Messenger.

Your Facebook friends will appear on the YM app as shown on the image below. The FB friends can be easily recognized because the f sign of Facebook is on the profile pic. The window below shows also a YM messenger chat box and YM’s webcam window.

So, you can now chat with both of your friends in Facebook and buddies in YM messenger in one place. Not only that, you can update your status and post comments right from YM messenger.

You can also play your favorites games on YM Messenger using the plug-in for the apps like Mafia Wars and FishVille. Enjoy Facebooking on YM!



3 thoughts on “Facebook Chat on YM Messenger

  1. After less than 12 hours of using and testing YM Messenger 11, with Facebook chat, i have to log out and exit my YM because it causes my browser to slow down and eventually crash some of the pages of Chrome.
    YM Messenger 11 stop script message
    There are still more to fix on this beta YM Messenger 11 to make it stable. In the meantime, i have to log in YM Messenger inside Yahoo Mail or rollback to a more stable YM Messenger 10.


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