A Scratch Protection Skin for your iPhone, etc.

I don’t want to call it Skinning to refer to the application of additional skin layers to a device or gadget such as iPhone. Rather, it would be appropriate to name it as Cladding.

I have seen this for several months at the Cyberzone in SM City but it’s only for improving the look of your device. But the one i just saw at the Cyberzone offers protection from scratch. It carries the brand–Invisible Shield by ZAGG. It just arrived here in Cebu while a similar ZAGG booth was reported by a blog last year.

The ZAGG Skin is just .3millimeter thick film but it has 4 layers that combine a skin design and a scratch and scuffs protector. The manufacturer claims the skin is using the nano-memory technology. Here are ZAGG’s videos about Invisible Shield:

The price varies according to the size of the gadget and where the Invisible Shield shall be applied. Putting the shield on the LCD screen of a laptop is worth P800 while cladding the whole laptop unit is worth P3,000. For phones, it ranges up to P1,500.The process of applying the skin is very delicate.

I couldn’t see any negative reviews online about the product but its manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty as long as your device is working.

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