An Encounter with Yahoo Men!

Meeting with top men is not new to me being a journalist for more than 2o years. As a tech-blogger, it would be a dream to meet the top honchos of some tech companies like Yahoo.

And that was what had happened Thursday (Dec. 2) @ the TGIF in Ayala Terraces when some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society met with Yahoo’s Philippine Country Manager Jack Madrid and Yahoo’s Country Editor Erwin Oliva. I was privileged to be one of those invited and the only one journalist from among the local media was there at the gathering.

Jack Madrid spoke about upcoming developments of Yahoo for the country, to include the bringing in of the international collaboration between Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing for a more powerful search engine next year. Erwin Oliva, on his part, expressed his wish to tap bloggers from the region to be part of Yahoo’s vast platforms.

Bloggers present were interested on Yahoo’s PostFit where various bloggers are paid by Yahoo for every post on it.Though, i am using Google for search but i have been using Yahoomail and yahoo messenger as my official email address and instant messaging respectively for its well organized interface.

I’ve written some articles about Yahoo in the past, like:

Jack Madrid see some future for internet advertising as advertisers are yet to give web advertising a slice of the cake in their yearly budget for ad spending. According to Madrid, just this year that online advertising reached one-percent of the total $2 billion advertising expenses in the country.

My guess was 2% when Jack tossed a question before us–how much is the share of online advertising in the total ad spending for the country? My answer was the closest, so i’ve got these souvenir items as my prize:


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