My X1000 China Phone is near-DEAD!

First impression lasts! China phones are not durable phones.

My first and only China phone is an X1000 TV Phone packed with soooooo many features. Read my original post about my X1000 here. But here’s now my first and only China phone. It’s now almost unusable.

No device is ever tough if you are not extra careful in handling it. However, in the case of my X1000 the LCD display broke and the plastic cover is almost shuttered to pieces not because it was mishandled. Somehow, it broke while inside my pocket.

Mobile phones are almost always placed inside the pockets and manufacturers are not dumb to say  they don’t know about it. The LCD display should have been extra tough and ready to withstand the pressure while inside one’s pocket.

In my original post, i have enumerated all the pitfalls i’d found on this phone while it was still new. Realization: Don’t ever, ever buy China phone again!


2 thoughts on “My X1000 China Phone is near-DEAD!

  1. Juntar, as a comparison, I have a Samsung T239 phone. Obviously this is made in Korea. It fell down the concrete floor about nine times. The only thing that happened was a little dent on its plastic casing. China made products are getting better in some products but they should upgrade the overall quality of their products to be competitive.


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