PC Remote Controller

I’ve finally bought this PC Remote Controller capable of doing some mouse and keyboard functions. I’ve found this in one of the stalls at the CyberZone of SM City Cebu. It can operate at a distance of about 18 meters–that’s over 50 feet. I’ve tested its range right at the store before cashing out P420 for the unit. It’s quite cheap considering the power presenter’s remote control at the price range of P1,000-2,000.

Unlike the power presenter’s remote control, this PC Remote Control has all the most functions of a mouse. Below is the mouse key (though, maneuvering the mouse is dragging) and the select button (next image) in the center and the Left and Right keys for clicking right or left functions of a mouse.

You can use the Page button below for the powerpoint presentation.Although, it’s quite amusing that clicking the Negative button will forward your slide rather than backward and the Positive button vice versa. The volume control, as well as the mute control, work with Windows Media Player and Winamp player. Basically, the sound volume of the computer can be controlled by the Remote Controller.

Other buttons, like Desktop, numlock, Esc, Enter, are also functional as i tested it on my laptop while doing this post. The Controller uses two AAA battery. I opted to use an energizer brand to test the maximum performance of the unit.

The Receiver (pic below) is comparable to the remote sensor in our TV sets since the Controller uses infrared light in sending the data to the receiver. It doesn’t require a driver since its USB interface works like a mouse that installs automatically to our system.

Other features:

  • There are Hotkeys which can be assigned to open a software.
  • The email button opens your default email client
  • The browser button opens your default browser
  • Closes and minimizes an open window by dedicated buttons
  • Supports OS: Windows 2000, XP, MCE, VISTA

This is not the end. I’ll be updating this post through the comment box once i’ll notice something significant for this wonderful gadget.


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