Cellphone Charging Station @ Malls

This charging station at the Ayala Center promotes a friendly atmosphere among its shoppers. People can just plug in their unit at the charging station using the chargers provided by the mall management. So, you’ll have to choose which appropriate charger is for your device.

It has beneficial effect for the mall’s intention to retain or let its customers extend their stay at the mall. It’s worrying-free for shoppers hence they have just to go to the charging center if they really feel to use their dead phones.

Anyway, a cellphone charger eats up electricity at an average of  8.8 watts power consumption. We’re paying VECO at less than P10 per kilowatt-hour (1,000 watts per hour). So, it would take about 113 hours for a cellphone to consume 1,000 watts and pay less than P10. That’s chicken for the mall considering its own benefits.

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