Lightning Always Strikes @ PLDT DSL?

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...

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I thought i was the only victim of the lightning bolt that struck my computer local network at least twice for the past two months.

My former student informed me that they too, and their neighborhood, were struck by the lightning bolt last month. It was at the same instance when i temporarily lost my DSL connection from PLDT after my network was hit by lightning that course through the PLDT line. It caused damage to the power adaptor of the PLDT modem and to the on-board LAN card of my PC.

PLDT promptly replaced the damaged power adaptor while i still have to install a separate network card for my PC. It was not the first time since a month earlier i had also the power adaptor replaced by PLDT after a lightning bolt struck my network.

At that time, it was only the power adaptor of the modem that was damaged and sparing my laptop that was in operation at that time. I actually saw the white light at the end of the LAN cable connected to my laptop when the lightning struck.

The first incident prompted me to recheck my grounding system which was connected from my outdoor antenna. I’d found out that my DSL modem was not grounded since my PC was disconnected from my network at that time. The grounding is connected to the antenna from my TV/PC monitor and to the PC. Despite the grounding, i was still hit by the lightning bolt last month.

After the second incident, i asked myself–is PLDT DSL lines always hit by lightning? Does it has proper grounding? It seems it isn’t. My former student, who is from Talisay City, told me that there were about 4 of them in their neighborhood that experienced damaged DSL modems. All of them are PLDT subscribers.

I can not conclude that PLDT lines are always hit by lightning bolt in the absence of an established data. But i could only surmised based on my experience and from those residents in Talisay City. Of course, we’re not hearing from PLDT about it unless we shall force them to make clarification.

Nevertheless, some materials are telling us that lightning will travel to every phone line. So, it’s not only PLDT lines. It’s better safe to use a cordless phone or a cellular phone in calling when lightning strikes. There were deaths reported because of lightning while talking on a phone. Television, Computer and airconditioning units should be turned off before lightning strikes as these appliances are potential pathways for lightning.

Being inside the house is not a guarantee we’re safe from lightning. But it’s safer than staying outdoors. I was even struck by lightning while fixing my battery-operated AM radio. The loop antenna of the AM radio deflects the lightning voltage and went through me like i was touching a 220 volt-AC line.


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