Intermittent Edimax WiFi Router

It’s been almost a month that i sent my Edimax WiFi Router Model BR6226 to its local distributor hoping i could get an immediate replacement. But, the pledge on the product’s box for immediate replacement within one year hasn’t been applied. Instead, the local distributor has to send the defective unit to the Philippine distributor in Manila before a new unit shall be forwarded to me.

I bought the unit on December 15, 2009 @ P1,700. Cheap. But less than seven (7) days of using the unit i had to replace it because of intermittent WiFi connection. I was then given a new unit which worked for few weeks until i’d experienced intermittent WiFi connection anew.

I opted to use LAN cable for my laptop thinking i couldn’t get an immediate fresh replacement considering the seven-day return policy had already lapsed. By September, it was already the LAN connection to my laptop from the router that experienced intermittent signal.

I have to return it for replacement before the one-year warranty will lapse. Before returning the unit, i sent inquires to Edimax which promptly replied and referred me to Edimax’s distributor in the Philippines.

I’m reserving my further comments on this until i could get back my unit or a replacement shall arrive SOON!!!! Atangi!


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