WEB FORGERY– Am I a victim?

I am greeted today with my INBOX full of failure notices for emails that were not successfully sent supposedly by me. But i did not send that much emails yesterday, last night or recently. Good that it was blocked by YahooMail.

Worst, even my own email address is a recipient of an email also from my own account. And the content of the email, as shown in the body, is a short URL of a web site.

Not only that, it created a post on my blog via email with the shortcut URL as its content. WordPress allows posting from email services like YahooMail. Since “publicize” is activated on my blog, status messages regarding the post appeared also on my Yahoo Updates, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

I tried tracing the URL http://bit.ly… There was no valid google search results. Thus, i decided to click on the URL but the page is blocked by my browser because it’s a REPORTED WEB FORGERY page!

Obviously the reported web forgery page is found at a Russian domain site–babac.ru. I can’t trace how did i get the malware for this page. So, i end up full scanning my system as of this writing. Beware!!!


4 thoughts on “WEB FORGERY– Am I a victim?

  1. tama, naga appear lang ang mailer-daemon pag mali ang e-mail add na pinadalhan.. but i guess it’s from a malware.. pwede pud ka maghatag ug flood e-mails sa usa ka e-mail add using yahoo…


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