Earn POINTS in SMAdvantage Card when paying PLDT Bills

PLDT telerewards has just introduced “May POINTS ka dyan!” offer. You can earn points in your SM Advantage Card (SMAC) every time you pay your PLDT bills.

The only requirement is your membership with SMAC. Start registering here your SMAC account and earn 50 points instantly on your SMAC card.


18 thoughts on “Earn POINTS in SMAdvantage Card when paying PLDT Bills

  1. hi,,sir/madam..i just want to know if my registration is already approve..?registration of my Pldt (sm advantage card) ..i register my card last few days ago..until now the reply i receive is awaiting for approval.My registration request for my PLDT account 258291743 is awaiting approval…
    i hope that my request is been approve..
    hoping for the reply..

    thank you


  2. The Pldt Subcriber is my husbands yet I am able to earn points here using my SMAC card. I think spouse or another person can be


  3. Jun..it’s possible. I earn SMAC points even if the PLDT account is in my father’s name. I only needed to enrol my SMAC with my father’s signature at the back of the form.


    • I think what is important there is the fact that you’re the one subscribing to PLDT. I wonder why you use another name for SMAC and PLDT when both are all official documents. I’m not sure if you could credit your PLDT points to another SMAC user (even if you’re actually the same person).



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