Muziic on Facebook

It’s been a while i hadn’t visited nor i played YouTube music stream on Muziic’s desktop player.

Read my original post (March 30,2009)

Since my original post, i haven’t updated my article until today. I also downloaded and installed anew Muziic’s desktop player (now version 2.0). Muziic was then new and just offered music video stream from YouTube. Now, Muziic has these features:

  • Music On-Demand (search and play music from YouTube legally from your desktop)
  • Internet Radio (search and listen to online radio stations on your desktop)
  • Local Media Playback (muziic player now plays Mp3 files and other audio and video files like the traditional media players.)
  • Playlist Management (it allows you to organize your combined playlist of YouTube videos and your files on your computer.)

Download from here the Muziic player.

You can also add Muziic app on your Facebook account by adding it on your profile’s tab. A mobile muziic apps are also available for iPhone & iPod Touch, iPad, and Android-run phones.

Below is the screen shot of my Muziic tab on my Facebook profile. You can search the songs or the artists from the left pane and click the plus (+) sign before the songs to add it to your playlist on the right pane.


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