Paper-less Session by Local Legislators

The Mandaue City Council is now the second local legislative body in Metro Cebu (that i know) to adopt a paper-less session next to Cebu City.

Each member of the Sangguniang Panlungsod is now provided with laptop where the day’s agenda including the attachments are downloaded by the SP Secretary.

Though, it’s impossible to achieve a 100% paper-less session but the SP has saved ink and paper by no longer providing print outs of the day’s agenda to every Councilor. A copy of the agenda is projected to an LCD screen for viewing by the attending public and serves as a guide also by the entire body.

Adopting the technology would make the presentation of each member of the Council easier and more comprehensible by attaching their individual laptop to the LCD projector.

The Mandaue City SP is using a regular-sized laptop (Neo) which was issued to the previous Council members. It was during the incumbency of former Vice-Mayor Carlo Fortuna that paper-less sessions had started.

Councilor Emmarie “Lolypop” Ouano-Dizon make a step farther by using her own iPad tablet where the documents are stored via email.

The Council has also its own web site created by Globe but no longer updated by the SP for some reasons.


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