McAfee Gives Away Free AV to FB Fans

Wanting for a free McAfee Anti-Virus program for a long time?  Not any longer! McAfee is giving away FREE six-month subscription to its fans on the McAfee account on Facebook.

Here are the screen shots for the step-by-step procedure on how to avail it:

Click the LIKE button of the McAfee page being advertised on Facebook

Choose your "Country" in the selection menu

After downloading the software you can pass it on!

The features of the free McAfee AV

Agree to EULA by clickig "I Agree" button

Check your email to activate McAfee account.

Download the software from McAfee's download page.

Click "Download" button and save the file

The file is saved as "DMSetup.exe". Double click the file to run and install.

One thought on “McAfee Gives Away Free AV to FB Fans

  1. The best-kept secret in the fight against viruses and spyware is a company called HonorPC! They feature one-key recovery that leaves your documents, music, pictures, videos, and favorites intact! It works even if you have a problem that won’t allow Windows to start. I have done online banking on my HonorPC for almost three years and have never installed antivirus. I bought my HonorPC for $1,000, which included a 22-inch LG monitor and laser mouse. I recently got a Windows 7 upgrade from HonorPC and I’m very happy with it. Their web site is and they have their phone number right on the home page. You should check them out before they are bought out by a big computer company and banished from the face of the earth!


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