Remote Access Repair Tool (for Error 720/3G Modem Connection Problem)

Since April 2010 my Globe Visibility (Tattoo) 3G modem can not connect to the Globe’s network on my laptop. Though, it works with other laptop and PCs. I’d got this ERROR 720 message every time i tried connecting to Globe which reads partly–“A connection to the remote computer could not be established You might need to change the network settings for this….”

I’d tried several times asking Globe Customer Service for assistance but what they can only offer is the reconfiguration of the settings of the modem. It never worked because the modem works with other computers. It was my laptop that was not working with the 3G modem.

The same experience i had before with Smart BRO PlugIt. I never resolved the Smart BRO PlugIt issue until my system was reinstalled and got a fresh O.S. That was the only time i reconnected with Smart using its 3G modem.

Unlike, SmartBRO issue i’ve got a solution somewhere over the net which allows me again to use my 3G modem on my laptop without reinstalling my OS. Prior to it, i was experimenting almost every net-related settings in my system just to let the modem works again.

Now, i’ve found this tiny tool–REMOTE ACCESS REPAIR TOOL (rarepair) which uninstalls all your network drive and reinstall it after two reboots. Bingo, my system now works perfectly.

Again, if your laptop or PC encounters the same problem (Error 720) try this tool. Click the link to download– rarepair. Double click the downloaded file to run the rarepair and follow the prompts.

67 thoughts on “Remote Access Repair Tool (for Error 720/3G Modem Connection Problem)

  1. I got the same problem like Steven Su. When I double click on rarepair, it came out with “reinstalling failed. Cant install one or more components” and then the tool automatic closed quickly. It happens very fast and difficult for me to read the sentence.


  2. Hi Sir Jun,

    After uninstalling the modem, then I run the rarepair.exe and it boot 2 times then after I reinstall the globe tatoo stick modem I still got the same error. “….modem was not found” pa din…

    At first nagamit kopa ung modem then suddenly I got that error. Its been 3 weeks na..nkaka frustrate ksi ang mga Globe tech department prang walang silbi. xD


  3. Hello Everyone…especially po kay Sir juntariman ahmm thanks po sa softwear it really works for my windows xp sp3. Uninstall ko muna ung smart bro then run ko ung rarepair at pagkatapos ng dalawang success booting try ko na po connect ung smart modem at naging ok na po sya… maraming salamat po Sir juntariman di ko na po kailangan magreformat ng os…GOD BLESS US ALL WHO BELIEVE!!!!


  4. sir, i was able to succesfully execute rarepair.exe. thank you but there still a problem.. i cant browse to any website.. it only says that the server is not found.. i try to test it to other netbuk and it works for them but when it comes to my netbuk, it wont… HELp me pls,……….


    • Based on my experience, problems related to “server is not found” is traceable to 1.) configuration of your modem (call your network for the configuration), 2.) your signal has not reach at least 3 bars, 3.) the load credit is not enough (on extreme case). Try one these cases.


      • in this choice: “1.) configuration of your modem (call your network for the configuration),” you mean the globe hotline?? kasi po when i try to use my tattoo to other laptop ok po siya.. there’s nothing wrong mka-net po naman. malakas nga po yung signal eh..

        and at these statements: “2 .) your signal has not reach at least 3 bars, 3.) the load credit is not enough (on extreme case). Try one these cases.” i guarantee po na malakas talaga ang signal nya sa netbuk ko… then may load po ako.. as i connect it, talagang magpaprompt siya na connected then the signal bars are really in numbers..

        kahit anong browser po ang gamitin ko ayaw niya talagang kumonek.. tulong po!

        thanks ahead po sir…..


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