Why I Did Not Buy an iPhone?

The iPhone 4 is already out. People are going to buy the new release from Apple to upgrade their unit. However, there are those who don’t even have the previous versions of the iPhone. Like me, i don’t sport an iPhone.Why i did not buy an iPhone? Maybe, these are some of my reasons (sour graping?) :


When the original iPhone was introduced in 2007 and released to the public middle of that year i wasn’t excited though. It was a 2G unit only while the rest of the popular brands, especially Nokia, had already their 3G models.

However, the birth of iPhone paved the way for the release of several smart phones by popular mobile phone makers.


Aside from being a 2G model, the original iPhone lacked at that time some necessary features of a smart phone such as: the phone’s camera is only at 2MP while other brands had made 3.2MP & 5MP as their standards; the storage capacity was limited to 16GB while other smart phones were already expanding up to 32GB.


Honestly, i don’t have extra money enough to buy an iPhone. The unit price is very prohibitive to many. While the iPhone in the U.S. has been priced at $199 & $299, the price is multiplied many times in the Philippines. Globe–the exclusive distributor of the iPhone in the country– priced the original iPhone as much as P45,000 for the 16GB before they slashed the price.


When iPhone released its 3G version in July 2008, many were still reluctant in buying the unit. In fact, it was reported Globe is not able to reach its sales target of the iPhone. Almost a year later, Apple updated the 3G iPhone into a 3GS version upgrading the RAM, CPU and GPU. Still, for a Filipino, having an iPhone is exorbitant.

iPhone 4 IS NOT A 4G

Many guessed these past weeks that the new version of the iPhone is a 4G (Fourth Generation) using the 4G technology. However, what Steve Jobs introduced on June 7, 2010 was an iPhone 4–a 3G phone with an updated and improved features on it. The biggest addition to the iPhone 4 is the FaceTime video conferencing where one can make a video call using only a Wi-Fi connection.

Here’s Steve Jobs demonstrating the iPhone 4.

Click here to know more of the features of iPhone 4. Some of the specs of iPhone 4:

Apple 1GHz A4 chip
3.5″ display @ 960×640 pixels
HSDPA 7.2Mbps
WiFi 802.11n
5MP camera with LED flash + HD video recording @ 720p 30fps
2nd front-facing camera
2 mics w/ noise-canceling
Bluetooth 2.1 w/ EDR
iOS 4

More on iPhone 45 specs.


June 24 – US, Japan, France, Germany and UK
July 2010 – 18 more countries
September 2010 – 88 countries

3 thoughts on “Why I Did Not Buy an iPhone?

  1. i have also 2 reasons why i may not consider upgrade my 3Gs

    1.No Flash: The iPhone, the phone that promised to put the web into everybody’s pockets, can’t even show you most of it, because it can’t handle Flash graphics. Google Android can, in the latest version (OS 2.2), and it’s going to be available free on a lot of budget tariffs.

    2. No multitasking: Tried instant messaging on an iPhone? Oh yes, you have to open the app to see if you’ve got a message. Genius. If Apple announces multitasking next it will be an improvement – but there’ll be no apology for the way it’s treated customers in the past, and no guarantee it won’t behave similarly shoddily in the future.


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