Documentary: “Votes Can Be Changed Using Only A Memory Card”

This video clip is posted on YouTube and has already been viewed more than 8,200 times. The clip is taken from a video documentary in the U.S. entitled: “Votes Can Be Changed Using Only A Memory Card” proving that the automated election result can be manipulated by configuring the compact memory flash card used by the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines.

It seems it is interesting considering the doubts raised by some disgruntled sectors on the recently held Philippine Presidential Election on May 10, 2010.

I always maintain this belief, that whatever is coded can be decoded. However, take these facts to consider before we arrive a conclusion on the May 10 poll:

Fact #1 : The Compact Memory Flash Card can be programmed to favor a candidate.

  • Yes! Remember the PCOS machines got a failing grade during the dry run because the count for the local candidates were not the same with the manual count. It was the reason why COMELEC and its contractor Smartmatic-TIM replaced all the flash cards with a reconfigured cards.

Fact #2 : The documentary is just proving that the cards can be manipulated.

  • It didn’t say the flash cards were tested before an election. On May 10, 2010 all the reconfigured flash cards were tested in the presence of all concerned parties before the machines were sealed to be readied for the poll day.

Fact #3 :No PCOS machine was reported to have a tampered flash card.

  • There is no single report after the May 10 poll that says the flash cards used were being replaced or something a discovery that the machine was tampered and that there was a possibility that the flash card in the machine is replaced.
  • Did you hear a report about it? I haven’t heard of any.

So, personally i don’t believe that the PCOS machines were programmed to deliver a fraud result of the May 10 elections.


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