Video Editing Using Cellphone Cam Images

St. Therese of Child Jesus Diocesan Shrine

Except for three pics, all the images in the slide show above are all taken by a cell phone camera. I used the Nokia 2630 model with a VGA camera 640 X 480 (.3mega pixels) resolution.

The video slide show above is a downgraded version from its original high-quality resolution for easy uploading to YouTube and Facebook. The original resolution is 720 X 480 with 1536 audio bit rate and a size of 358MB in AVI format while the reduced copy has only 14.2MB size, 720 X 480 MP4 format and 96kbps audio bit rate.

I used Adobe Premier Editing software in composing the images into video. The music is composed by Rey Martinez and sung by Richielle Borbajo.

Here are some of the pics taken at the St. Therese of Jesus Diocesan Shrine in Barangay Obispo, Calubian, Leyte during our Holy Week visit at the place.


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