Google Calendar Reminds via SMS

I’m not a fan of Google like Kuya JT because of, maybe, my bad first impression of their email service–Gmail. It’s so clutter that it’s so distracting to our eyes. Not even their Chrome browser has impressed me because the first time i used it i met some crashes despite their claims it’s already tested.

Just lately, i tried Google Calendar to track on my busy schedules. Since i always online, i have decided to have a try on it. Here’s what i initially got while using the Google Calendar for few days now:

The display above is my weekly schedule–from Sunday to Saturday–as shown from left to right. You can also put a background image on your calendar like what i did. You can view your schedule by day, week, month or just by 4-days.

What is good with Google Calendar is its notification feature. It will remind you of your schedule ahead of time via email, pop-up message while you’re online, and via text message to your designated mobile phone.

You can only activate one mobile number. Globe and Smart are capable of sending Google Calendar notifications to your phone. And it’s FREE!!!!!


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