14 is a natural number between 13 and 15 (of course!)

14 can be mistaken as 40 when not properly enunciated (and vice-versa)

14 is the number of Stations of the Cross

14 is the youngest age allowed to watch adult movies (not porn!)

14 is the date for Valentine’s Day

Me & 14:

14 is the birthday of my ex.

14 is one of the numbers in some of my online passwords

14 is the age of my youngest son

Science & Technology:

Carbon-14 Dating is used to determine the age of certain archeological artifacts

Channel 14 is the first channel in the UHF band in television

14 Other Ways to use RSS feeds

14 Plants Used to Make Alcohol


“Katorse” is the title of an early evening teleserye of ABS-CBN

Sometimes 14 is fondly used to describe a highly-priced item: “14-teng mahala!” 🙂


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