New FACEBOOK Home Page

There is no stopping for changes in Facebook. It is meant to harness our facebooking daily (or hourly). Zuckerberg’s Facebook has announced the changes in the home page where user interfaces are much easier.

Check it out on your Facebook account. Here are some of the changes i’ve noticed:

  • You can now ADD new Friends Request by using a new pull down menu at the upper left of the home page instead of going to the add friend option.
  • New requests are highlighted by a red balloon.
  • You can see who among your friends are online (at the left pane) without clicking the chat box. Clicking your friend’s name will open the chat message box.
  • Instead of the word “setting”, you can now see “account” where you can make changes to your account in a pull-down menu. So, you are one step lesser if you want to directly go to privacy setting or application setting for example.
  • Messages and applications are also on the left pane instead of having it at the bottom which entails efforts to scroll down the page.

Find more changes on your account. Happy facebooking!


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