China Phone X1000


BIG points:

  • Dual active SIM cards
      • both SIM has its own inbox, outbox, and SMS counter
  • Dual  memory cards (microSD)
      • up to 2gb support
  • Dual camera (back & front)
      • front (.3mp), back (1.3mp)
      • camera can be set up to automatically shoot up to 5 images in series with one click
      • image sizes: 80 x 60, 160 x 120, 320 x 240, 640 x 480
      • image quality : high, low, normal
  • Touch Screen
      • 240 x 320, 262K, 2.4 inch QVGA LCD
  • TV tuner has a fair reception
      • though reception on the lower channel is poor in some areas
  • FM radio operates without the need for a headset (radio uses the built-in speaker)
      • reception is fair
  • Longer audio recording
      • tried at least 20-minute recording
      • choose where to record from either of the two microSD cards
      • choose the audio format (wave, amr, awb)
      • set the sound quality (high, low)
  • Longer talking time (package has an extra battery pack)
  • Price is cheap for a full-packed feature-phone: P3,000-P3,700

MINUS points:

  • Keypad unlocking can’t be unlocked (or at least i don’t know how to unlock). Once the keypad is locked, the unit will turn off after few minutes.Once the unit is restarted, the phone will unlock again.
  • Camera is just 1.3mp not 3.2mp as what is labeled on the unit
  • LCD screen is not TFT
  • Touch panel is not so responsive as those of the branded phones
  • Video recording is only at 176 x 144 screen resolution and @ 8khz audio frequency (lowest audio quality). Video setting is only at high, low, normal.

Here are some of the “official” specifications of the X1000 i have found from a website:

Frequency: GSM850/GSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900
Platform : MTK6225
style: Bar phone
Icons:9 SQUARE
Net weight:
Screen:240*320 262K 2.4 inch QVGA LCD
Dimensions: 113.4mm*48.9mm*10.8mm
Media format: MP3,MP4,AVI,3GP,MID,WAV,AAC
Talking time : 240Minutes
Camera: two camera. front 0.3Mega pixel, back 1.3M
Loud speaker:D20
Support: TP(touch panel),shaker
Support dual T flash card (Option),Maximum support 2GB
Languages: Multi-language such as English, Arabic, French, Vietnamese Thai,Farsi ,Portuguese, Spanish, Italian etc.
Analog signal TV: support NTSC/PAL/Secam
With 2.0 Bluetooth
Speaking service: Supports call waiting, call holding on, DTMF, the quiet, state transition, call restriction etc
WAP Browser :support WAP2.0  ;STK service :support
Assistant tools: FM radio, calendar, recorder, calculator, world clock, alarm,
Accessories: Battery, Charger, Data Cable, Earphone, User Manual
English Packing : 1pc in color box ,  20 sets /carton .

More pics…

MORE MINUS POINTS…. as i experienced it!!!

  • After two weeks, I have my battery charger replaced with new one after it got burned while i plug it to the AC outlet and put the USB jack after wards. It seems the USB jack got short circuited into the USB port of the phone.
  • After almost a month, i have the unit itself repaired when the built-in speaker (cellphone tech call it–buzzer) has been damaged. The built-in speaker is used for the TV tuner, FM, audio player and most importantly for the phone’s ringer. I go back to my old phone temporarily while my X1000 is under repair.
  • The earpiece sounds very static when you receive a call. The audio is so thin. So, i have my PLDT-All Call SIM card back to my Sony Ericsson R300 that gives me superior quality sound during phone calls.
  • I can not unlock the phone once the keypad is locked after few minutes. I can only unlock in few seconds after it is locked. I have to remove the battery to reset the unit and open my unit.
  • Now, the touch screen is no longer functioning.
  • During SMS composition, the unit displays error message and i could no longer continue writing. Maybe some of the SIM cards are not supported by the unit. I kept on changing the SIM cards to determine what SIM card is not supported.

More updates as i experienced my first China phone

6 thoughts on “China Phone X1000

  1. hi sir jun, do you know any china phone with am radio and other features at affordable price. AM radio is important so I can listen to dyab anywhere I go. Fm radio is not very important to me.


    • MyPhone has a model with an AM tuner… Cherry Mobile has also its AM-FM radio phone–the D30 @ P3,190 only. Other features: Dual Active SIM, Camera, MP3/Video player, memory expandable up to 2GB.


  2. i also have a china phone, different from this one though and really the audio is the pits! when i get calls, the caller always asks me where i am coz it`s like i`m near a construction site or something where there is a loud humming or buzzing sound everytime i speak. and one time the caller laughed so hard as i sounded like alvin the chipmunk when i started to talk…ugghhhh!!! never a china phone again…


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