My Cataract Surgery

Your cataract is difficult to operate since it’s white“, my eye surgeon told me as i was lying yesterday on the operating table. OMG! was my silent reaction. I wasn’t afraid nor tense but i felt apprehensive upon hearing what my surgeon was telling me.

All through out the procedure i was awake and knew every step executed on my right eye. There was no pain because of the topical anesthesia applied every now and then to my eye but there were times i had to hold the bed because of the tingling and sensation i felt.

When my cataract lens was removed i started seeing object and even saw the artificial lens being replaced into my eye. As soon as the lens was put in place, my vision is becoming clearer. When the cloth covering my face was removed, the surgeon asked if i could already see things. I said, YES!!!!

I was made to wear a protective clear goggle as soon as i went out the operating room and told not to remove it during the recuperation period. Later, i discovered the protective eye gear is a clear-plastic “Lacoste” eye wear made in Italy with a name of the surgeon. It was a nice souvenir.

The procedure only took less than an hour. I spent thousands of pesos for the lens alone. Whew!

I’d been preparing the surgery for about a week. A medical clearance from an internist-cardiologist was needed before i could set a schedule for my surgery. It was like i was taking an executive check-up having an ECG and 2D-Echo among others.

Practically, i was one-eye blind since October because my right eye could no longer see objects. It was all light that i could sense on my right eye. It was not easy because it’s very hard to estimate the distance between objects. I had to hold the rail when i went up and down the stairs. I couldn’t drive anymore because of the poor vision in my right side.

I looked up the net about cataract and i’d learned that the only way to restore your vision is to remove the cataract lens and replace it with an artificial lens. There is no confirmed reason for cataract. Your lens must be clear for the retina of our eye to receive sharp object. Cataract is the progressive clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Click the image for a linked article.

Thanks everyone who prayed for me…


3 thoughts on “My Cataract Surgery

  1. hello jun.. merry christmas. i can understand and feel what you are experiencing now. i guess its the attiude that is the focal point of healing. i was into mixed emotions when i had my son checked in one of the eye centers here in cebu.. waiting for the result brings anxiety and stress. having a deaf daughter is enought but a son who can’t see things clearly is much heavier in the heart..

    i went to see a pediatric eye specilaist. he more less tempered my emotions and began to see and accept thats the way it is..

    You are good man. God will reward your patience and your good heart.

    be safe.. and hold on!



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