I’d Sent a 97.49MB Files in YahooMail

Sending large files, as much as 100MB, attached to an email is now possible in YahooMail. So, practically you can send an entire music album. I tried it by sending to my listeners the 2-Disc music album–“Always and Forever” of Kenny Roger. It’s a 97.49MB file.

YahooMail uses third-party applications within its email service like drop.io and My Drive. I’m using drop.io in sending the Kenny Roger’s album to our Kapamilya. MyDrive is more of a mobile storage for large files where you can store up to 1gig of files but you can only upload 100MB at a time.

drop.io allows us to send up to 100MB files in one time like sending ordinary email. Though, we only have 30 days to keep the attachment but you can subscribe to a premium service to maintain it. Here’s what the music files looked like once attached to an outgoing email:

The audio quality is superb as told by our listeners who received the Kenny Roger album i’ve sent. Here’s the reply of Jovelyn Linden in Luxemburg:

Thanks to this free service. It makes our life easier.

If you want a copy of the album of Kenny Roger, post your email address as a text format in the comment box on this post…


4 thoughts on “I’d Sent a 97.49MB Files in YahooMail

  1. good morning Sir Jun,
    I tried these drop.oi application to send mp3 file even just 2mb size. I browse my file for uploading, click the upload and compose e-mail then, but it stays until 7% percent only. after almost 20 minutes it really dont change a bit. nagsige ra ug loading japon.


  2. Hi Juntar,

    Ask unta ko sa mp3 nimo kadtong kang Kenny Rogers as what you said in your program in Hi-Tek ta Bai.
    Maminaw gyud ko sa imong program, if naa lang ko sa balay during sunday.


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