D-I-Y: Using Google DNS

I’d tried openDNS service but it has so many site-restrictions like you can’t open some sites. I also discovered that openDNS can’t logon to SmartBRO server in your next boot.

So, i resorted to my ISP’s DNS and put my internet protocol setting at “Obtain DNS server address automatically“.

The DNS (Domain Name System) is used to identify you computer when connected to the net. It’s like a phone book in the internet where host names are translated to IP addresses.

Last week Google launches it public DNS and it proves fast and efficient as i tried it to my PLDT DSL connection. Google’s public DNS addresses are easy to remember: and as preferred and alternate respectively.

Follow the step-by-step procedure below to set your IP/TCP setting:

Double click the Local Area Connection icon in your system tray to view the Local Area connection status:

Click Properties button above to open the Local Area Connection Properties dialogue box below:

Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) under “This connection uses the following items:

Click Properties button once the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is highlighted as shown above. The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialogue box shall open:

Enter the preferred and alternate Google DNS server addresses as shown above after clicking the “Use the following DNS server addresses“.  Click OK and close the rest of the windows.

Enjoy the technology of Google. 🙂


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