Biggest Tech-Stories in 2009

It’s been said that the fastest development now in history is the invention and innovation of science and technology. I’ve been collating these developments as i need it in my radio show–“Hi-Tech Ta Bai” every Sunday over DYAB1512.

Here are some of the sci-tech events/developments that should be recalled here:


I am considering this as the biggest development in the cellular industry because it has benefited millions of Filipinos. Starting yesterday, all calls from within the network are charged for every six seconds at 57 centavos and a flag down rate of P3 for the first two-pulses or first 12-seconds. So, if you call for 30-seconds (5 pulses) you’ll be charged P3 for the first two pulses and P1.71 for the succeeding 3 pulses or about P4.71 for the whole duration of a 30-second call. That’s a saving considering your not paying for the whole minute call which used to be charged at P7.50 even if you’re not using the entire minute.

The National Telecommunications Commission described this as a landmark regulation for the mobile telephone industry.


Earlier in July, the NTC also took a bold stance when they ordered the telcos, upon the prodding of a Senate committee investigating the complaint of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, to extend the validity of the prepaid load credits for mobile phones.

Read the extended validity schedule from our original post. Click here.


I have been a Facebook user since 2006 but i opened my accounts very seldom until the social networking site hit the Philippines early this year. My former Malaysian classmate at the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism invited me in 2006 to join Facebook which i accepted.

At that time, i wasn’t active since only the Malaysian friends of my classmate–Sureshram were my contacts. There was no Filipino… not even a single friend or contact from Cebu was in my Facebook account.

This year, Filipinos are cramming to gain a share in the stats of the world’s most popular social networking site. And we are successful indeed as shown in these stats:

  • RP has the biggest number of new Facebook accounts–about 1.3 million from September 1 – October 1, 2009.
  • RP is the third biggest number of Facebook users in the Asia-Pacific region next to Indonesia and Australia.
  • RP is #13 in the most number of Facebook users around the globe at more than 5-million.
  • Facebook is now the #1 most visited website in the Philippines.

Facebook is a new madness in our community. Young and old have Facebook accounts– reminiscent of the popularity of Friendster during the past years.

If we are to qualify the usage of Facebook, almost every Filipino is a Facebook addict. Remember my previous post about FAD (Facebook Addiction Disorder) that says you are a Facebook addict if you stay for at least an hour in Facebook.


We’re not spared by the visits of the malicious worm–Conficker which started to crawl over the net late last year. This year, about 20,000 computers in the country are infected with the conficker worm. Around the world, the estimate is about 7-million infected computers.


Just few days after the October public release of the latest operating software of Microsoft–Windows 7, hacked copies of the OS are  selling in the sidewalks of the busy street in Manila and in any parts of the country. The catch– it’s only P100!!!


First, there was MyPhone that came in to the Philippines from the factory sites in China courtesy of the Solid Group. More “China phones” with brand names like Cherrymobile and Torque are already here competing against known brands.

That’s all for now folks!!!!

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